Samstag, 12. Februar 2011

Happy Birthday ..

to meeeeee :)

Let's see what I'd like to have for my birthday which is going to HAPPEN soon - arrrrg

a wonderful clutch bag, which is of false leather?? and this for 168 boxes, man OH ..
(sorry for the link, I couldn't get the picture)

again: this watch from Copha 

this one's also veeery nice:

although the Michael Kors oversized watches I like the most, I couldn't find the ONE again which gave me some rose-coloured glasses

My addiction to Etui-dresses (?) could be becalmed with those:

The last one isn't a "Etui" one, I know, but this one just slipped into my screen, I couldn't hold it ;)
all of them can be ordered on Madeleine
Apropos slippin': in search of something totally different these Tory Burch boots crossed my way - aren't they magnificent? 

here to get

My dilemma of searching the right and perfect bag:
When Francesco Biasia!! , Marc Jacobs,  Furla and Nannini where my favourites in the past, I cannot decide now which real leather-bag will be my next best friend.  I got my last one 6 years ago as a selfmade present - from Nannini with a rosty colour. I do love her still but she is very much time-worn (of hugging her to much). 
Now there is the time for a new one - but: where are you, gorgeous ?

Then there is the silver bracelet which should be beamy; a ring with a big jewel on it and not to forget the little
Asos package which should contain this belt,

If only I could stop!!

In any case I will be travelling to Budapest - beside some nice wellness-massage I will be (hopefully CHEAP) shopping a lot, for example at Bershka 
Hopefully in doing so, I'll forget how old I have become.

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